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While tricks and strategies are important, we believe students should have a relational understanding of the concepts covered, in order to effectively apply them. As such, in this workbook we go through the content of each of the four content sections tested on the math SAT - Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Additional Topics. Throughout the workbook there are timed reviews (math SAT sample questions) as check points to verify that students understand the content covered. Additionally, we have incorporated error tracking. Error tracking has been proven to be essential for our students who scored over 700 on the math SAT. Lastly, self-regulation has proven to be vital for the success of students. With this in mind, we have also incorporated ways for students to self-regulate and adjust their study habit as they progress throughout the workbook. Along with focus on the math content of the math SAT exam, we also have hidden treasures throughout the workbook as tips for test day. This workbook is ideal for junior and senior high school students who want to score over 700 on the math section of the SAT in order to get scholarships for college. In addition, this workbook may be used by teachers who are preparing students for the math SAT. Parents may also purchase the workbook to help their child to grow confidence in their math abilities. This workbook will help students: 1. Learn how to score over 700 on the math SAT to gain admission into their university of choice. 2. Gain confidence in math abilities. 3. Learn how to tailor their mindset to maximizing their score. 4. Learn how to track their errors to avoid making them on test day. 5. Learn effective test taking strategies. The workbook is designed to go along with our math SAT prep course: You should purchase this workbook if you would like to maximize your math SAT score, get over a fear of math and or build confidence for test day.

Math SAT Workbook

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  • This workbook is designed to help students gain confidence in their math abilities, not only for the SAT, but in general. Students will also learn how to tailor their mindset towards maximizing their score!

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