Sharpe Sessions provides SAT Math Prep, ACT Math Prep, Milestone Prep, among others. We do small group sessions and also provide one-on-one consultations to improve strengths and strengthen weaknesses. With close to one million dollars in scholarship offers to our students and a high average of increased test scores and passing rates we are trusted by our clients to guide them to their desired goals.


The right tutor can make a huge difference! At Sharpe Sessions we aim to build the confidence of students and tailor each session specific to each client. Personal sessions are offered all year round.


At Sharpe Sessions we contribute to the advancement of our communities by hosting a free summer enrichment program for elementary kids. This program is designed to get kids between the ages of 4 and 8 excited for Math. This is the tender age where they decide, based on interactions, if they love math or not. We aim to have them in love with math by the time they leave.


Typically summer classes are offered in the subjects Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1., Algebra 2., College Algebra, and Pre-Calculus.  


Not everyone who is good at math is a good tutor, or instructor. At Sharpe Sessions we aim to teach tutors and instructors effective ways to transfer and promote conceptual understanding of Mathematics.


Our motivational talks are geared towards the betterment of students in high school, college and beyond. We inspire them to be a better version of themselves! We inform them on how to help in the advancement of our country in the STEM field, and how to maintain financial discipline.