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  • Payment must be made in full no later than 24 hours before the first session of each contract agreement.

  • Clients must purchase a minimum of 3 sessions.

  • Sessions cannot be transferred to another student.

  • There is no refund on sessions once payment is made and processed.


Contract Expiration:

  • 3 hours: expires 4 weeks after payment.

  • 5 hours: expires 6 weeks after payment.

  • 10 hours: expires 12 weeks after payment.

  • 20 hours: expires 24 weeks after payment.

Late Policy

  • If the client is 20 minutes late or less, they will receive the remainder of their session time to be used at the discretion of the tutor.

  • If the client is more than 20 minutes late, they will forfeit their session.

  • If the tutor is 20 minutes late or less, the client will still receive their full 60 minute tutoring session.

  • If the tutor is over 20 minutes late, the client may request that the session be rescheduled for an alternate date.


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please do so before 5:00pm the business day prior to the scheduled session to avoid being charged for the session.

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