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06/22 - 07/23

The objective of the Pre-Algebra course is to build the knowledge and skills to lay the foundation for Algebra. This summer course is also intended to build students' confidence before taking  Algebra.


Intro to Algebra

06/22 - 07/23

The objective of the Intro to Algebra course is to build on the foundation laid in Pre-Algebra while giving an introduction of what is to be expected in Algebra.  This summer class is designed to prepare students for taking Algebra during the fall semester.


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Dr. Shanah K. Grant, Ph.D.

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Topics Covered

One Step Equations
Linear Equations
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

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Seanna Larmond,
10th Grade Student 
Jacksonville, Florida

Sharpe Sessions has been very helpful to my journey with math. I would definitely recommend the tutoring to my other friends. It was easy to understand with the concise explanations. I am able to say that I enjoy math now and I am hopeful for the future. Thank you Sharpe Sessions.

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