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Master the Math SAT and Bring Math To Life with the Sharpe Sessions Math SAT Prep Book!

  • Learn the math strategies that have helped students just like you to score over 700 on the Math SAT  


  • Gain the confidence that you need to get past the fear and anxiety of complex math concepts 

  • Develop study skills and mindset practices that will carry you into test day and beyond


  • Position yourself as a top candidate for the college or university of your choice 


  • Qualify for scholarships and grants to avoid college debt


Having “good grades” isn’t enough, students need the SAT scores to match, and this book will help them get there!

There are many SAT Prep books on the market for you to choose from, and it’s important for you to choose the one that will work best for you. This book was designed for the student that needs help developing not only their math skills, but their confidence and mindset as well. 


This is about so much more than learning “tips and tricks.” 

Master the math concepts that will lead to your success on the test, while also learning to track your errors, learn from your mistakes, and develop study habits that will carry you into success well after the test day is done.

Attention Parents and Teachers! If you know a student that needs help not only preparing for the Math section of the SAT, but also developing a growth mindset and study habits, this Workbook is for them!

Take a Peek Inside:


Strategic Content broken into four essential sections to make sure that you are studying the exact concepts that will appear on the test

Timed Reviews- strategically structured to mimic the pressured pacing of the actual test, which requires you to answer questions in 1.44 seconds or less.

Study Tips along the way to encourage the growth mindset needed to maximize your score

The Proof Is In The Progress!

The content included in this workbook has helped our SAT prep course students to raise their scores by 300+ Points.


"This publication serves as the preferred SAT Math prep workbook of Suisy Lu."

-Ulysius McGhee, C.E.O and Founder, Suisy Lu Enterprises

The SAT Math Prep Bundle Is Perfect For Independent Study or Teachers who wish to use the Sharpe Sessions Strategies in their classroom

Cover_Solution Manual.jpg

The Solutions Guide is the perfect companion to Math SAT Prep Workbook. 


The guide includes solutions to every checkpoint and review question in the workbook, allowing students to check their answers along the way.

Meet The Author


   Hello students and parents! I am Dr. Shanah K. Grant, founder of Sharpe Sessions, and creator of the Math SAT Prep Workbook. 

    It’s my passion to help students avoid having to go into college debt by helping them score high on the SATs and earn the scholarships that will help them make their dreams come true.

   I am fueled by my own experience of having to take out loans for college despite graduating high school with all A's. My grades weren’t enough, I needed the test scores to match.

   Now, using the knowledge that I gained from going on to earn a Masters and PHD in Mathematics, I use what I have learned to help students avoid debt and master the math SAT. 


Learn More About Shanah

Dr. Shanah K. Grant, C.E.O. and Founder of Sharpe Sessions

Looking For More Guided Help? Enroll in the SAT Prep Course and get the prep book for free!

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