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Sharpe Session has online math SAT experts ready to help your child get accepted into their dream school, with thousands of dollars in scholarship offers. We provide a series of classes plus one-on-one prep.

Want to increase your child's math SAT score? Give us 30 days and your child's score will increase 100+ points!

Sign up for the perfect one-on-one math SAT prep bundle.

Do you prefer a class setting for your child? Our online math SAT prep experts have you covered!

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SAT Prep Class
March 9, 2024
Test Date

02/6 - 03/5

If a student takes the March SAT and is not satisfied with their scores, they can choose to retake the test in the summer or fall of the following year. This provides students with more opportunities to improve their scores before submitting their college applications.

Class Dates:

Feb: 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, 29

Mar: 2, 5

Class times are subject to change*


Weekdays: 6:00pm - 8:00pm EST

Saturdays: 10:00am - 12:00pm EST


SAT Prep On-Demand Class
March 11, 2023
Test Date

8 Weeks Top Strategy Course

This course will help you to master the SAT, at your own pace. We understand that some students are disciplined and would like to work independently, on their own schedule. This class is perfect for you! The class is designed to last for 8 weeks and is jam packed with all the content from our live SAT prep course!


SAT Prep Class
December 2, 2023
Test Date

10/28 - 11/28

The December SAT is often the last test date that colleges and universities will accept for admissions that year, so taking the December SAT can provide a final opportunity for students to submit their scores.

Class Dates:

Oct: 28, 31

Nov: 2, 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 25, 28

Class times are subject to change*


Weekdays: 5:00pm - 7:00pm EST

Saturdays: 10:00am - 12:00pm EST


Class Schedule

Our class is jam packed with...

Week 1 - Heart of Algebra
Week 2 - Heart of Algebra
Week 3 - Passport to Advanced Math
Week 4 - Passport to Advanced Math
Week 4 - Proctored Practice SAT Exam
Week 5 - Problem Solving and Data

Week 6 - Additional Topics

      26 hours class prep

      8-10 practice test

      Direct access to instructors

      Tips for test day

      Strategies for test day

      Free SAT prep guide bundle



Dr. Shanah K. Grant, Ph.D.

Our expert teachers are ready to see you soar!

Are you close to your score and just need a little additional help? Our workbook bundle is perfect for you!

Cover_Solution Manual.jpg

Our Math SAT prep bundle is perfect for students who want to self study. The guide includes our workbook with content from our course that has helped students increase their Math SAT score 300+ points!

Our students and parents tell it best!

Ewart Smith- Student

The assistance that I received was tailor-fit to strengthen my skills in the specific areas covered in the SAT. When combined with the test-taking tips and strategies that I learned, my score improved by more than 150 points!


Ursula Duncan - Parent

I was very pleased with Sharpe Sessions. I have two children, a Senior in high school and a Sophomore. Both utilized the service recently. My Senior saw a drastic increase in her SAT score. My Sophomore has become much more confident in his math skills. It was a very positive experience for both of my children. If your child is willing to put in the work, they will see results. I definitely recommend Sharpe Sessions to anyone who is looking to improve SAT math scores as well as just gaining confidence in other high school math classes.


K'yana Edwards-

Simply put, the course was great. It was well organized and the content was covered at a good pace. Even though the classes were all online, they were engaging and it was easy to reach out to the instructor after classes to get further clarification on a problem. I was also introduced to effective test taking techniques that allowed me to see a 160 points increase in my score.


Kennedy Duncan- Student

Joining this SAT prep class has really been so beneficial for me. I have been able to brush up on my math skills and my score has improved by increasing 120 points. I love how the sessions are so personal and the instructor makes sure cater to our academic needs.


Paula-Marie Brown- Student

I am so glad that I took the Sharpe Sessions course this September! I never realized that I was making so many simple mistakes in math. The combination of having the instructor point out these mistakes to me and having an error book is what really helped me to see a 120 point increase in my score! I feel more confident in the math portion of the SAT now.


Toni-Ann Walters- Student

This SAT Prep course has exceeded my expectations! I have done prep courses before and none of them can compare. Usually instructors rush over the basics and do quick reviews rather than actually teaching content. I am so glad that in the class they never assumed that we knew something which makes it much easier to understand the content because we start from the root. Although I’m still nervous, I’m excited to take the SAT now because I know I will be well prepared!!


Ashanti Stewart- Student

Math and I aren’t friends. I was always able to manage the subject but it was just me managing. I am really grateful to Sharpe Session, especially the instructor for her assistance. I can see what I’d called major improvement where math is concerned . I moved from scoring in the 500s to now scoring in the 600s. It isn’t easy but she made me know that I am able to do what I put my mind to. Thank you Sharpe Sessions!


Tasha Nembhard-Walters - Parent

Enrolling my daughter into Sharpe Sessions was the best decision I had ever made. We have tried other classes before, paid alot more money and the results were very disappointing. She improved significantly and was more confident to sit the exams. I really appreciate how well Dr. Grant communicated by updating me every week on her progress. For that alone I would recommend to anyone because with this information I was able to encourage her as she goes along. Thanks again and looking forward to other sessions with you.


Sherita Bennett- Guardian

Due to COVID-19 a lot of places rescheduled or completely cancelled their SAT Testing but we still wanted my sister to gain more knowledge about this very important test. Within the first two weeks of her taking part in the course there was a major increase in her score. She went in a bit reserved but came out much more confident about successfully taking the test and doing well. Thanks to @sharpesessions for positively shifting young minds when it comes to Math, your SAT Prep course is definitely top notch!


Zaria Robinson- Student

The SAT prep course was very beneficial. I was taught from the ground up. Any and every question I had got answered. Very good environment and was able to fit my schedule as much as it fit theirs. 10/10 recommend.

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