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At Sharpe Sessions, we aim to build the confidence and knowledge of k-12 and college students in Mathematics through one-on-one and small group sessions. Each session is developed specifically for each student based on their individual needs and learning style. We take accountability for providing client satisfaction while we uphold our integrity in promoting math excellence among our students. 

An average of $143,000 per student in  SCHOLARSHIP offers!
100% College match rate!
Sharpe Logo 2.png

Let us take you to the next level in your mathematics career. Take that leap with us. We are confident we can help you enhance your  mind mathematically...


Sharpe Sessions helped increase my Math test scores by over 200 points. The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional in behavior. They work their hardest to give you an individualized experience and cater their lessons to different learning styles. I recommend Sharpe Sessions to anyone who wants to seriously increase their math scores.

Randy Terry

My daughter had the opportunity to attend the math summer enrichment and it was absolutely amazing. They really did bring math alive. Patient, kind, encouraging, and hands on are words to describe all the tutors involved. Thank you for setting the tone for the upcoming school year!

Charmell Stephens

"This really helped me to navigate the math section of the SAT. The assistance that I received was tailor-fit to strengthen my skills in the specific areas covered in the SAT. When combined with the test-taking tips and strategies that I learned, my score improved by more than 150 points!"

Ewart Smith Jr.

Sharpe Sessions has helped tremendously with my daughter. She was more confident with math and helped her at her weak points in math.

Denise Wells

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