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Students are seeing HUGE improvements in their math skills!

Help your child get the guidance they need in math class with Sharpe Sessions! Our online math tutoring services come with personalized plans crafted to provide targeted help quickly and effectively. Our sessions will help your child move from performing average to graduating valedictorian! Our students get accepted to their dream schools such as Duke University, Cornell University, Georgia Tech, Emory University and Howard University to name a few.

Sharpe Sessions SAT Prep student graduates valedictorian

At Sharpe Sessions, we aim to build the confidence and knowledge of k-12 and college students in Mathematics through one-on-one and small group sessions. Each session is developed specifically for each student based on their individual needs and learning style. We take accountability for providing client satisfaction while we uphold our integrity in promoting math excellence among our students. 

How it works


Book Your Consultation

At Sharpe Sessions, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment that empowers students to excel in math. Bringing math to life is the essence of what we do through our math tutoring and sessions. In the consultation we will listen to your needs and concerns as a parent and guide you towards the best service for your child's success.


Choose Your Service

After the consultations, you will may select from our array of supplementary math support services. We provide 1-0n-1 and small group tutoring, test prep, financial literacy education, professional development and many more. Our service may be customized to meet your child's schedule and preference. 


Schedule Your Sessions

We start all sessions with a diagnostic exam. Once we get the results of your child's diagnostic exam, our tutors will assess your current understanding of math concepts and identify areas that need improvement. We will create a customized learning plan to address your child's specific needs, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

Hear what our clients have to say...

This advantage allowed me to maintain an A average in the class throughout the year. Sharpe Sessions also really helped me to navigate the math section of the SAT. The assistance that I received was tailor-fit to strengthen my skills in the specific areas covered in the SAT. When combined with the test-taking tips and strategies that I learned, my score improved by more than 150 points!

Happy high school students

Ewart Smith,
11th Grade Student,
Lithonia, Georgia

Our Clients

Sharpe Sessions clients attend Arabia Mountain High School
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