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Learn how to build generational wealth with the Sharpe Sessions "A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz" book!

  • Learn the secrets for raising up the next generation of billionaires 


  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to build and diversify your financial portfolio 

  • Develop the skills and mindset practices needed to build wealth


  • Position your kids for financial freedom 


  • Build wealth for not only your kids but your future generations too

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Saving alone isn’t enough to build wealth.  You need to create a diverse investment portfolio, and this book will help!

There are many financial literacy books on the market for you to choose from, and it’s important for you to choose the one that will work best for you. This book was designed for parents that need help not only to build wealth for their kids, but to also introduce their kids to wealth building actives in a playful way. 


This book is about so much more than learning “how to get rich.” 

Master the mindset that will lead to your desired financial goal, while also learning how to protect your wealth that can be passed on to your future generations.

Attention Parents and Teachers! If you are looking for a creative way to introduce financial literacy to students that aligns with what is taught in the classroom, this book is for you!

Take a Peek Inside:

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Secrets to Investments sprinkled throughout the book that can help you get ahead when generating wealth.

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Games for both kids and parents to spark fun while learning. 

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Activities and prompts to give parents a head start on building their financial portfolio.

The Proof Is In The Content!

The content included in this book is an excellent way to introduce kids to financial literacy and to equip them with essential life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.


As a Financial Professional and a former educator the book is very simple to understand how to set yourself up towards Financial freedom.

Nadine Ellis- Licensed Financial Professional

"A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz" Is Perfect For Teachers who wish teach Financial Literacy in their classroom

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The book has many activities with solutions aligned with the math standards for grades 3 - 12. 

There are also accompanying worksheets for the classroom to get students acquainted with financial terms and engage in actives that will build financial awareness.

Meet The Author


   Hello parents and teachers! I am Dr. Shanah K. Grant, founder of Sharpe Sessions, and creator of the "A Toolkit for Raising Wealthy Kidz" book. 

    I am a mathematics professor who takes joy in connecting math to real-life for students in a fun way! I am fueled by my research on how the wealthy acquire their riches, keep and transfer that wealth to their generations. In my research to write this book, I have consulted with financial planners, investment advisors, economists, attorneys and other professionals who have in-depth knowledge of personal finance and related topics. In my personal time, I teach teens and parents financial literacy.

Dr. Grant offers three financial services"

  1. One-on-one consultations

  2. Financial literacy workshops

  3. School/Corporate Seminars

Dr. Shanah K. Grant, C.E.O. and Founder of Sharpe Sessions
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