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Pi Day Activities for Kids of All Ages

Celebrate Pi Day on March 14th by indulging in your love of math and nerding out with these 5 fun activities! From baking pies to reciting pi digits, there are plenty of ways to honor one of the most iconic mathematical concepts.

Bake a Delicious Pie.

Who said math can't be delicious? If you want to honor the special day, why not bake a pie in celebration? There are tons of Pi Day-friendly recipes at your disposal, from classic apple and cherry pies to unique combinations like watermelon mixed berry tart. You can even try creating a mathematical shaped crust or spelling out “PI” with strawberries! Get creative and have fun with it.

Throw a Pi Day Party.

Hosting a party is the perfect way to celebrate Pi Day with friends and family. To really get everyone in the spirit, you can set up a Pi themed scavenger hunt complete with fun math tasks. If you’re feeling daring, have a homemade pie baking contest and let your guests vote on their favorite creations. Finish off your gathering with some exciting Pi Day trivia games or karaoke to the catchy Pi song from the movie “Life of Pi”!

Have a Pi Day Riddle Contest.

Everyone loves a good riddle. Have your guests come up with some Pi-related puzzles and then have the group solve them together. To make it more enticing, offer a prize to the person who solves the riddle first. If you need some ideas for riddles, there are plenty of punny ones out there - try “What does an endangered pie love the most?” for starters!

Recite pi to as Many Digits as You Can Memorize.

Want to show off your math skills? Challenge yourself and others to achieve pi-reciting greatness! Before the celebration, challenge your friends to try and see how many digits of pi they can memorize. Have everyone recite their pi on Pi Day for bonus points or a funny math pun prize. Who will be the champion of pi?

Have a Fun Math Activity or Lesson in Honor of Pi Day.

From exploring pi poems to forming algebraic equations, learning about the numbers associated with the mathematical constant of pi is so much fun! Have your friends move in their chairs and form a giant circle to represent pi, or have everyone come up with funny math puns in honor of the day. You can even have everyone take turns making funny drawings with their crayons or markers to help explain why 3.14 comes around


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