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Enroll for the Spring Semester

What's Included


Length of the Sessions

The Spring tutoring session lasts for 16 weeks starting January 22, 2023, and ending

May 10, 2023, except for the student's Spring break. The student will meet with tutor twice per week on days agreed upon by parent and tutor. Each session will last for 60 minutes.


What Students Get

-Diagnostic test

-One-on-one virtual tutoring sessions

-Individualized sessions

-Session recaps

-Progress reports


Registration Fee

A $75 non-refundable registration fee will be due upon registration.



-Price $250 biweekly

-Payments are made via invoice sent to email. Credit card must be save on file for automatic     payment.

-Invoices are due:

    -Jan. 12; Jan. 26

    -Feb. 9; Feb. 23;

    -Mar. 8; Mar. 22; 

    -Apr. 5; Apr. 19;

    -May 3; 

-If a payment is missed, tutoring will cease until full payment is received (including a late fee of $50).



-Attendance is essential to keep students on track and to ensure students are able to reach their fullest potential. Each student's attendance will be waived for one week (usually Spring break) in addition to 2 "freebie" sessions for the semester. Missing more than the allotted one week and 2 freebies will result in the student being removed from the program for the semester without a refund.



-There is a 15 minutes grace period. If the student is late past 15 minutes for a session, that session will be cancelled and will be counted towards the 2 "freebies". No show, no call will be an automatic cancelled sessions that will be counted towards the student's "freebie". There will be no refund once payment is received.

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What's Parents are saying


My son was comfortable in the sessions and made progress throughout the sessions. Very professional. Highly recommend!


Delycia Castle,
Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Subjects tutored are but not limited to:
  • Pre-Algebra

  • Algebraic Concepts

  • Foundation Math

  • Algebra 1

  • Algebra 2

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Geometry

  • College Algebra

  • Calculus I

  • Calculus II

  • Linear Algebra

  • Statistics

  • And more

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