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How to study for the SAT | Top five MUST Do’s When Studying for the SAT Exam

The first and most important way to achieve any task is to believe! So, start believing you can ace that SAT exam! See more on our growth mindset post here If you believe you can then you will. However, as the good book says faith without work is dead so along with the belief you need to implement practical steps to ensure you get that dream score you are seeking. Here are our top five things that we recommend students do to adequately prepare for the SAT Exam.

1. Set a study schedule

Be intentional when setting a study schedule. Don’t just say “I am going to study for 2 hours tomorrow.” Be very specific. For instance, identify the day, hour(s), and topic you plan to study. Specifically, you may choose to study content from the Heart of Algebra section on Mondays for 2 hours between 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

2. Do practice exams

Be sure to do practice exams and to do them under the same

conditions of the actual SAT exam. We know that the SAT is typically proctored at 8:00am, with a time limit. When doing your practice exams, try to take them at 8:00am, and be sure to use a stopwatch or even your cell phone to time yourself based on how the actual exam will be timed. If you are an international student, be sure to do the digital SAT practice test. There are a series of Khan academy practice tests you may find at You also want to take practice exams seriously. Do the exams until you get all the questions correct.

3. Track your errors

Our students who have scored in the 94th percentile or higher all agreed that the error book is essential when studying for the SAT. The error book is a book or a part of a book that can be used to track all the errors you make while studying. These errors may be when you are practicing on your own, the errors you make on the practice exams or as you are taking notes in class. Whatever you do, keep track of your errors and study them so that you don’t make the same errors on test day.

4. Get an accountability partner/study partner

An accountability partner is essential to keep you on track with what you said you were going to do i.e., you’re sticking to your study schedule. A study partner is also good for friendly competition. Who doesn’t like some good competition when studying?

5. Seek additional resources

In this era there are so many resources such as google, YouTube, top SAT prep workbooks, your teachers, etc., that you may utilize to assist you when studying for the SAT exam.

Here is a BONUS:

Hire a tutor or join a SAT prep course. Sometimes we need additional help to clarify ideas. Seek help!

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