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Is your child struggling with math courses? Sharpe Sessions provides math tutoring that's customized to fit each student's unique situation. Get fast, reliable help now!

Meet Our Team of Experts

Dr. Shanah K. Grant, C.E.O. and Founder of Sharpe Sessions

Dr. Grant is an experienced mathematician who offers online math tutoring and teaches private classes. She has a passion for helping others build mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills. She is highly knowledgeable in mathematics and strives to make a positive influence in her community through research, tutoring, and giving professional talks. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, a Master of Science degree in Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics, with a focus in Collegiate Mathematics Education. Dr. Grant currently works as an Assistant Professor at an institution

known to graduate the top number of black students with math

degrees and an adjunct math instructor at a Technical College in

the metro Atlanta area. As the C.E.O and founder of

Sharpe Sessions, she offers online tutoring services to help students build their confidence in math and learn different strategies for tackling math problems. She uses innovative methods to help students understand mathematical concepts and develop critical thinking skills. With Dr. Grant's assistance, students can gain a better grasp of math that will serve them well in the classroom and beyond.

Shanah K. Grant, Ph.D.
C.E.O and Founder

Mrs. Wheatle has an extensive background in SAT preparation, and is passionate about helping students learn the strategies necessary for passing their SAT exam through custom SAT prep course. With her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for teaching, she is offering an online SAT prep course designed to give students a comprehensive approach to SAT test preparation and increase their confidence on testing day.

Alicea Wheatle,
Online Math SAT Expert


Ms. Pari is an experienced and qualified online math tutor with over 10 years of expertise in the field. She provides tailored instruction to students from all around the world, specializing in mathematics and science education. She is an expert online math tutor who specializes in helping students reach their full potential in mathematics. Whether you are looking for assistance with homework, studying for a test, or need help with a specific concept, she will provide the guidance and support needed to reach your math goals. Sign up for tutoring with Pari today!

Pari Hanu,
Math Tutor

Dr. Donna Peddlar has a passion for teaching math and is an expert in designing curriculums that are engaging and educational. For the past 20 years, she has been helping children to develop their math skills and looks forward to mentoring them during summer enrichment programs. By providing additional support and fun activities, she strives to make learning math an enjoyable experience for all of her students.

Donna Peddlar, Ph.D.
Summer Enrichment Coach

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